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YEG Part Number: PSU00799

Product Series/Part No



Delta Elektronika

PSU Type

AC to DC


Delta Elektronika SM3000 - Series 3000W, Bench, Programmable System DC power supply

Models include:

SM15-200D (0 - 15V 0 - 200A)
SM30-100D (0 - 35V 0 - 45A)
SM45-70D-P087 (0 - 40V 0 - 80A)
SM45-70D (0 - 45V 0 - 70A)
SM70-45D (0 - 70V 0 - 45A)
SM120-25D (0 - 120V 0 - 25A)
SM300-10D (0 - 300V 0 - 10A)

Output Voltages Available

0 to 300VDC

Number of Outputs


Max Output Power (W)


Input Range (V)

3 phase 380, 400, 415 VAC





Features - please download data sheet to find actual part number required

  • High quality Power Supplies
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • Very stable voltage or current
  • EMC class B for Generic Emission
  • Can be used safely near sensitive equipment
  • Accurate voltage and current control by 10 turn potentiometers
  • Potentiometers optionally replaced by digital encoders
  • Programmable by Analog voltage Isolated analog Ethernet RS232 or IEEE488
  • CE
  • High Speed Programming versions available for ATE Laser Diodes
  • Power Sink Option for the SM15-200D SM30-100D SM45-70D and SM70-45D
  • 2 Quadrant operation for PWM motor testing or fast down programming in ATE systems

Available Options

High speed programming, Power sink, Auto ranging Ethernet, RS232 or IEEE488

Operating Temperature Range

Minus 20 to 50 degC

Cooling Method

Forced air

Footprint (mm)

443 x 416 x 129

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